Uncommon Tooltips

What This Does

Uncommon Tooltips was built as an alternative World of Warcraft tooltip library for the Web. It gets data directly from Blizzard's Battle.net API, so it's performant, accurate, and up-to-date. The tooltips are designed to match the in-game appearance as much as possible, even using all the official in-game labels direct from the source.

Drop-In Compatibility

If you'd like to try Uncommon Tooltips on your site, but you already use Wowhead tooltips, you won't have to rewrite every link. The Uncommon Tooltips library supports Wowhead's link formats, so all you'd need to do to switch is remove the Wowhead script tag, and insert the Uncommon Tooltips tag.

Installing on Your Site

  1. In your site code, paste this tag on your page:
    <script src="https://js.uncommon-tooltips.com/uncommon-tooltips.js" async></script>
  2. Make sure you remove Wowhead's "power.js" script tag if you're already using it.

Feature Comparison

Hover over any cell to see the output from each library.

Tag UsageUncommon
Wowhead Link Format Yes Yes No
Wowhead Rel Format Yes Yes No
Wowhead Data Format Yes Yes No
WowDB Link Format Yes No Yes
WowDB Data Format No No Yes
Tooltip Disable Flag rel="nt" rel="np" data-disable-tip="true"
English Yes Yes Yes
German Yes Yes No
Spanish Yes Yes No
French Yes Yes No
Italian Yes Yes No
Portuguese Yes Yes No
Russian Yes Yes No
Korean Yes Yes No
Traditional Chinese Yes No No
Simplified Chinese No Yes No
PTR No Yes Yes
Item Yes Yes Yes
Battle Pet Yes Yes Yes
Achievement Yes Yes Yes
Spell No Yes Yes
Quest No Yes Yes
Pet Ability No Yes Yes
Affix No Yes Yes
Currency No Yes Yes
NPC No Yes Yes
Item Set No Yes No
Object No Yes No
Zone No Yes No
Event No Yes No
Item SupportUncommon
Descriptive Name Yes Yes Yes
Item Level (Weapons & Armor) Yes Yes
Upgrade Level No Yes Yes
Binds Yes Yes Yes
Binds to Battle.Net No Yes Yes
Begins a Quest No Yes Yes
Unique/Max Count Yes Yes Yes
Max Stack No Yes Yes
Unique-Equipped No Yes Yes
Conjured Tag No Yes Yes
Toy Tag Yes Yes Yes
Crafting Reagent Tag Yes Yes Yes
Mount Tag Yes Yes No
Mount Description No Yes No
Mount Source No Yes Yes
Bag Slots Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Slot/Type Yes Yes Yes
Gem Stats Yes Yes Yes
Relic Stats Some Yes Yes
Weapon Damage Yes Yes Yes
Weapon/Armor Stats Yes Yes Yes
Classic Random Enchants Yes Yes No
BC Random Enchants Yes Yes No
Random Enchants via Bonus Yes Yes Yes
Bonuses Yes Yes Yes
Scaling Bonuses Yes Yes No
Heirloom Scaling No Yes No
Enchants Yes Yes Yes
Socketed Gems Yes With Errors Can't Skip Slots
Socket Bonus Yes Not Lit Wrong
Socketed Relics Not really Yes Without Bonuses
Spell On Use Yes Yes Yes
Spell On Equip Mostly Yes Yes
Spell On Proc Mostly Yes Yes
Spell On Pickup Yes Yes Yes
Learn Spell Yes Yes Yes
Recipe Output No Yes Yes
Recipe Reagents No Yes No
Charges Yes Yes Yes
Item Set Pieces Yes Yes Yes
Durability Yes Yes No
Allowed Races Yes Yes Yes
Allowed Classes Yes Yes Yes
Required Level Yes Yes Yes
Required Skill Yes Yes Yes
Required Ability Yes Yes Yes
Required Faction Yes Yes Yes
Flavor Text Yes Yes Yes
Drop Info No Yes Dungeon Journal
Sell Price No Yes Yes

About the Author

Uncommon Tooltips was created by Erorus, a developer who's also behind The Undermine Journal, Realm Pop, WoW Token Info, and Does the API Work. You can view most of his projects on everynothing.net.

Uncommon Tooltips was made primarily to support The Undermine Journal, but it's also a neat experiment to see how far the Battle.net API can go.

You can check out the source code on Github.

Getting Support

If you have any questions, feature requests, or bug reports for this project, you are welcome to submit them to the project's issues on Github.
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